Wanderer’s 2020 Wrap Up

Despite the travel restrictions due to the Covid19 pandemic, there were some adventures that I managed to embark on. The wearing of masks are compulsory, handshakes totally forbidden, washing and sanitising of hands frequently, 2020 will be a year we shall all remember.

Despite these travel challenges due to the Covid19 new norm, here are my top memorable trips for 2020.

Three Sisters Waterfall

Garden of Eden

Garden of Eden. Those were the first thoughts that came to my mind when I came across this beautiful waterfall in Long Keluan, upper Baram. Did this trail as part of my revisit to Long Sela’an in August this year for a photo taking trip.

Cool clear water, and the green vegetation that hugged the walls, was a wonderful reward after a moderately hard two kilometre trail, that took about an hour to accomplish. Will definitely go for another revisit. Locals say there are a few more waterfalls up river. So an overnight camping trip would be needed.

True Forest Wanderer

Penan elder, Mr. Gilin of Pa Lamam, Kedaya Telang Usan

On the same trip that brought me to the Three Sisters, I met a penan elder, Mr. Gilin. No one knows how old he actually is but most guessed that he would be in his 80s. His rugged facial features and somewhat tired eyes, tells of a man whom I suspect, have seen some beautiful forests in his life time.

His silence probably reflects on how rich it was for the forest to provide for him. Now such forests are being slowly harvested for its timber and other resources.

Island Excursion

This trip to Satang Island last August was my first. Walking along the small beach and the snorkelling at the nearby reefs still lingers. One thing missing was the opportunity to observe sea turtles doing their beach landing and laying their eggs.

Definitely in my list of places to revisit in 2021 and this time it would be an overnight camping trip.

Tip of Borneo

Another beach getaway which is not so crowded as compared to Satang Island and has more sea turtle landings. There are also fresh water streams where one can take a fresh dip.

I truly enjoyed the trek to Pasir Hantu Laut. It also has a decent campsite and regretted that it was just one night. Will go again but this time for 2 nights and intend to do more hikes around Tanjung Datu National Park.

It is a wrap 2020

Thank you 2020 for the memories. Personally feels that this has been a weird year. Surreal.

This pandemic that caught us all off guard has taught us a few good life lessons. For me it taught me to be more responsible in my travels. It gave me a rebirth so to speak in term of my thinking. Respect communities, respect nature has become my main motto now.

With that in mind, travels in the future for me would be more to nature and community based. No crowds please, as this Covid19 pandemic emphasise that over crowding is risky.

On that note, here is to a better year in 2021! May everyone continue to stay safe; May your dreams come true in 2021

Cheers everyone!!

Thank you for reading and if you want extra details on the above, drop me a line and I’ll get back to you soon as possible. 

Till my next Bejalai, remember to be a responsible traveller. Respect nature and respect culture.. take care and don’t forget to comment.

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  1. How lucky were you to be able to get out, the waterfalls are beautiful. Some of us worked through the Covid, anyway, Happy New Year and all the best in 2021.


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