Arong Serait Waterfall – Hiking in Kuching

Arong Serait Waterfall is becoming a favourite weekend hiking and picnic spot for locals near Kuching. The hike to Arong Serait offers a good workout and a dip in the cool pool is such a wonderful reward. Arong Serait Waterfall is in the backyard of Kampung Selabat, Muara Tebas, Kuching. Kampung Selabat is about 17km from Kuching.

Exloring Marudi Town

The best Kueh Tiaw! That's probably one of the first comments if asked what is there to do in Marudi. I have heard this numerous times from friends over the years but I have not had the chance until recently in February 2020. So I went on an overnight trip to Marudi and here is... Continue Reading →

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