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Welcome to This blog is intended to share my travel experiences around Sarawak and other places on this lovely island of Borneo. Here I intend to give my honest reviews and recommendations on the experiences of the places that I have visited. I hope that the sounds and sights that I share with you... Continue Reading →

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Noodles That Changed Me

A short feature on the best noodles in Sarawak. Mee Kicap at 2020 cafe Miri. Of all the noodle dishes I have tried all my life, this is to date the best noodles I've had and I keep coming back for more each time I am in Miri.

Kuching – Holiday with Kids

For most parents, choosing the right holiday is so important, especially when you're going away with the family. We travel for the experience and that's also what parents want for their kids. I think we all truly agree that it's the experiences and the journeys in life that makes us. So here are some tips... Continue Reading →

Caving – Sirih Cave, Serian 

Bats and Spiders. Probably those are the first things that comes to mind when we encounter the word 'cave'. Can't blame you though, I had that in mind too when I was informed by the rock climbing group about a trip to Sirih Cave on Serian which had a climbing wall with some climbs to... Continue Reading →

Exploring Mukah – Central Sarawak

I remember a few years back, well actually many many years back, I had the opportunity to meet up with my former teacher from secondary school, Cikgu Awang. I can't quite remember what he taught me in school but I do vividly remember the moment when he so proudly said to me "Fish laaa.. I'm... Continue Reading →

About me – Part 2 

Born in Kuching some 43 years ago, I am very fortunate that during my childhood, I moved around a lot all over Sarawak. My dad worked in a plantation company and that saw us moving between estates in Miri and Kuching. Of all the places that I grew up in Sarawak, I loved Miri most.... Continue Reading →

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