Satang Island Day Trip

View of Satang Island from Damai Beach

Sarawak does not boast it self as an island destination but it does have a couple of significant islands that are open for daily excursions. One popular island near Kuching is Satang Island.

Satang Island is part of the Talang – Satang National Park which serves as an important landing nesting site for the Green Turtles and the rare Hawksbill Turtles. Conservation efforts are on going to help these endangered sea turtles.

The Journey

Excursion boats at Santubong Jetty

The tour starts by embarking on a boat from Santubong jetty which is about thirty minutes from Kuching city. Since this journey is by boat, a quick safety briefing is conducted and you are good to go.

Fishermen trying the morning catch along Santubong River

Boat ride to Satang Island takes about 2 hours. The boat journey will take you slowly cruising along the mangrove hugged banks of the Santubong River. These mangrove banks are the perfect habitat for the estuarine crocodiles.

As you venture out of the river mouth and into South China Sea, again the boatman would cruise slowly in search for Irrawaddy dolphins that are frequently spotted around this area.

Mount Santubong view from the river mouth

One of the other main stop en-route the journey to Satang Island is the Tukong Ara Island. Apparently this is a wildlife sanctuary and is a key breeding site for the Bridled tern and the Black-napped tern. Our guide also informed that this island also a refuelling station for migratory birds.

Pulau Tukong Ara

After Tukong Ara, then it is straight to Satang Island. The excitement builds up as our boat approaches the island. Details start to appear, the island thick forest canopy and the white somewhat gold sandy beach is a welcoming sight.

The approach to Satang Island.

Once you disembark from the boat then it is time to explore the island. The must take photo and selfie moment here is the beach view with the mount Santubong in the backdrop.

Despite raining since early in the morning, the water is still very clear.

Enjoy a dip in the sea and enjoy a picnic lunch. we also learned about the sea turtle conservation programme that is currently on going at Satang Island.

Turtle eggs are protected from their main predator, the monitor lizard.

Visitors can also opt for a snorkelling experience. Be sure to ask in advance if the option is available on your tour otherwise the operators might not have the gear on hand .

Overnight Options

There are overnight options available at Satang Island. You can choose to stay in the basic lodge or you can pitch up a tent at the campsite. Tent are not provided, so you would need to bring your own. I am opting for an overnight camping experience. I am definitely coming back.

A day trip was nice for me but slightly too short of time. An overnight trip would give me an opportunity to probably witness some turtle landings at the beach.

Basic lodging on Satang Island

Travel tips

Trips to Satang Island are during non monsoon months that is from March till End of October.

Pack up your beach day trip kit such as sunscreen, change of clothes and a picnic towel.

Take plenty of photos.

Permits are required for tours to Satang Island. This can be done by booking tours through a licensed travel agent. For this trip we engaged CPH Travel.

Thank you for reading and if you want extra details on the above, drop me a line and I’ll get back to you soon as possible. 

Till my next Bejalai, remember to be a responsible traveller. Respect nature and respect culture.. take care and don’t forget to comment.

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