Mureh Twin Waterfalls – Kampung Gun Tembawang, West Kalimantan

Mureh Twin Waterfalls

Gun Tembawang Village

Gun Tembawang is a remote Indonesian village in West Kalimantan bordering Malaysia’s state of Sarawak. It has recently become popular with hikers from Sarawak as it is home to the Twin Waterfalls called Mureh.

Getting to Mureh

The easiest way to go to the twin waterfalls is via pre arranged tours with the villagers of Sapit in Padawan. Sapit Village is about 90 minutes drive from Kuching City and is a popular hiking and camping destination for locals.

This is due to the picturesque views from some of the hilltops that are abundant in Kampung Sapit. Also there are a few waterfalls around the village which is also popular amongst hikers in Kuching.

Registration and Fees

For those who are interested to go on the trail need to contact a local guide. Since this involves two villages, the fees cover entrance fees to Kampung Sapit and Kampung Gun Tembawang.

Fees also include motorbike transfers from the border point to Gun Tembawang Village.

Gravel road to Gun Tembawang

The Trail

Once you have been transferred by bike to the trail start point, it will take another 30 to 40 minutes to reach Mureh Waterfall. This hike is relatively easy and the trail passes along farms and paddy fields and farms.

Newly planted paddy fields

The paddy fields also offer plenty of huts that you can rest midway through hiking.

Overall a a return day trip from Kuching to the waterfall would take an estimate 6 to 8 hours total depending how long you intend to stay at the waterfall.

I would suggest start early from Kuching say by 6am and have breakfast in Kota Padawan. Then by 7am depart to Sapit Village. Try and return back to Sapit Village by 3 pm as to avoid possible showers in the late afternoon.

Full Hiking Video

Hiking Tips

As always make sure that you have:

  • Good Trekking Shoes
  • Sufficient Drinking Water
  • Raincoat
  • First Aid
  • Packed Food

Contact Details

Trips to Mureh can be arranged with local guides Simon (Mobile: +6011 2484 0966) or Peter (Mobile +6019 409 4808.)

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