Exloring Marudi Town

The best Kueh Tiaw!

That’s probably one of the first comments if asked what is there to do in Marudi. I have heard this numerous times from friends over the years but I have not had the chance until recently in February 2020.

So I went on an overnight trip to Marudi and here is a quick account of that trip.

Main Street of Marudi Town

About Marudi

Marudi is a riverine town about 100 km upriver from Kuala Baram, is the largest town in the sparsely populated Baram district. It’s hey days were in the 1980s when it served as stepping stone to Mulu National Park . Visitors would take an express boat from Miri to Marudi before changing boats and continuing up river to Mulu National Park.

Express Boats berthing at Marudi Wharf

That is mainly a thing of the past now as flights now become the preferred choice of travel for most visitors.

Sights Around Marudi

Though small, Marudi town does have some interesting sights and one major development is the Town Square. this is one beautification initiative to enhance the overall appearance of Marudi and set to be completed by end of 2020.

Fort Hose

Built in 1899 and completed in 1901

Fort Hose is named after Marudi’s most famous administrator, the naturalist, ethnographer and pioneer photographer Charles Hose. It has served as a main administration centre in its early days and now once the restoration is completed in March 2020, it will reopen its doors as a museum.

Belian Wood architecture.

I cant wait to go back and visit this Fort once restoration works are done.

Marudi Local Market

Marudi Local Market

I have a habit of exploring local markets, regardless where I travel. So I had a quick walk about at the market.

Used Clothing. Locally known as Bundle.
Local Vegetables and Herbs

There is also a food court on the first floor and the stalls mostly serve various noodle dishes, rice dishes, coffee and tea.

Tamu Marudi Food Court

Food Exploration

Marudi Kueh Tiaw

First to tick off on the list was this famous Marudi kueh tiaw, fried flat noodles. From what I heard, it is the best kueh tiaw in Sarawak. So I went to Fortune Restaurant.

Fortune Restaurant, Marudi
Marudi’s Best

I tried a few other fried kueh tiaw from other shops but the Fortune Restaurant came up as the winner.

Fish Soup

One other dish to try in Marudi is the Tapah Fish soup.

Fresh Fish soup

The one I tried was the coffee shop operated by the owners of Tiong’s Mini Market. Absolutely superb Just next to the supermarket.

Local Ice Cream

Local Ice Cream

Local Biscuits

Walk around the shops in Marudi and you will definitely come across various shops that sell local made biscuits.


I must say Marudi was an interesting small town to explore and I look forward to go again in the future and I look forward to visit Fort Hose and look at the exhibit items there.

Most of all, I also conclude that yes, I agree, Marudi Fried Kueh Tiaw one to die for.

Thank you for reading and if you want extra details on the above, drop me a line and I’ll get back to you soon as possible. 

Till my next Bejalai, remember to be a responsible traveller. Respect nature and respect culture.. take care and don’t forget to comment.

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