Sibu Night Market

A visit to the famous night market is a must while in Sibu, the largest city in central Sarawak. 

If you ask any local Sibu resident,  What is there to do at night in Sibu?  The most likely answers would be most likely be a recommended visit to the night market.

Here is a quick guide on things to expect and try at the Sibu Night Market. 

Location and Operating Times

The Sibu night market is located at Market Road and it has been around since 1960s.

Market Road is sort of smack dot in the centre of Sibu town making it very close to the major hotels around the town centre.

The market starts at around 6 pm every evening and will run up till about 10 pm and sometimes till about 11 pm.

Things to see and try

Half-moon Pancakes

Food is definitely the star attractions of Sibu Night Market. My favourite is the Half-moon Pancakes.

The live cooking and preparation is a nice small show to watch. After watching the hawker prepare the pancakes, it is a natural reaction to buy one or two to snack on.

It’s a good place for one to explore the various types of grab and go food snacks.

Barbequed pork parts are a local favourite.

For those who don’t take pork, need not worry as there are also malay stalls that sell the famous Malaysian satay, Barbecued fish and chicken.

Muslim Chicken and Fish Barbecued

Hot buns and siew mai

Grab and go meals for those who are too busy to cook. 

Gadgets and Stuff

Just like any asian night market there are plenty of other stuff that one can find at the Sibu Night Market.

Find a pair that matches your bag?
Colourful underwear for those that forgot to pack
Something for your kids too.

Sibu night market caters for all walks of life. The good thing is that it still caters for the locals and is not merely selling “tourists”. I personally never tire of going to visit this night market whenever I am in Sibu.

If you are in Sibu and have a free evening to stroll, well this is definitely worth a visit. Don’t forget to bring your camera too.

Thank you for reading and if you want extra details on the above, drop me a line and I’ll get back to you soon as possible. 

Till my next Bejalai, remember to be a responsible traveller. Respect nature and respect culture.. take care and don’t forget to comment.

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