Noodles That Changed Me

It was many many years back when I was travelling to Miri and I asked my dear colleague, Yusop “The Iron” Labo, to go for breakfast to which he agreed.

He asked me what do I feel like having, so I told him let’s have some noodles. He then drove us to this coffee shop just slightly out from the town centre. Sat ourselves nicely at one table and ordered noodles. Little did I know it would change my life forever.

Where is this life changing noodles? It is at Cafe 2020, Pelita Commercial Centre, Miri, Sarawak.

The noodles which we ordered. Mee Kicap, noodles with soy sauce.

It looks so simple, but the saying “looks can be deceiving” truly applies to this noodles served on a stainless steele oblong, flat plate.

It is garnished with sliced fish cake, some green veggies and of course sliced steamed pork meat. The best is the soy sauce gravy with lard. Yummy indeed and the damage? less than RM 4.00! Amazing !

Eat breakfast like a King, Lunch like a Prince and Dinner like a Pauper – Ancient Nutritional Maxim

I totally love that saying above, because if you are going for breakfast you might as well throw in a few side dishes to go along with your Mee Kicap. I would recommend the dim sum dishes.

Dim Sum is also famous here at 2020 Cafe.

So grab some dim sum dishes and make sure you do it like the locals. Make sure you have the soy sauce chicken feet, some sio bee (some call it siew mai) and you’re all set for about half a day.

Some of the dim sum dishes at 2020 cafe.

There is about 15 types of dim sum dishes available for you to choose from. To wash it down, grab that Kopi O Kaw. Strong local black coffee and your day is all set, ready to tackle whatever challenges that come your way. Trust me.

Local favourite dim sum, chicken feet with soy.

So there you go, the noodles that changed me. I am no more the same, I am reborned, a new man so to speak. I now find noodles are not the same anymore once I had my first Mee Kicap at 2020 Cafe Miri years ago with “The Iron”.

Everytime I have noodles, I always compare it to Mee Kicap 2020 Cafe in Miri. To date, it is, in my opinion, the best noodles in Sarawak. PERIOD.

Disagree or agree, feel free to comment.

Cafe 2020 Miri is at Pelita Commercial Centre and is open for breakfast and lunch.

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