Rainforest World Music Festival 2017 – 5 workshops to attend

My favourite aspect of the Rainforest World Music Festival is the interactive workshops during the afternoons of the three day festival.

I’ve always recommended to my dear friends that they must make an effort to attend the workshops. Why?  It is because it gives you an insight into the culture of the performers.  It explains how they make the traditional instruments,  what their songs are about, what kind of dances for what kind of ceremonies and so forth.

Some of the workshops are a ‘mash up’ workshop I call them. A mix of different musicians from different bands and they just jam away and is amazing to watch, delightful to hear.

So based on the programme laid out over the three days,  here are my five that I have marked and will attend.

1. Dialogue of the drums

Call and Response 

Bidayuh Longhouse,  2pm, Friday July 14

This are all the various types of drums from various parts of the globe,  different sizes and designs that come together at the Rainforest World Music Festival.  I suspect it’s gonna be loud.

2. Haka Tahiti 

Dewan Lagenda, 3pm Friday July 14

I am quite sure you know what a Haka is right?  Made famous by the All Blacks rugby team.  This one is the Haka from Tahiti. Looking forward to learn those moves.

3.  Take a bow

Instruments that have a stick of some kind.

Bidayuh Longhouse, 2pm Saturday July 15

This one catches my eye due to the fact I have an interest in violins and fiddles. This workshop features all instruments that have a stick and string just like the bow.

4. Hands On 

Dewan Lagenda,  4pm Sunday July 16

Again this is another percussion session. Expecting more loud drumming and catchy beats at this one.

And finally the one which happens everyday in front of the main stage from 5pm.  This one you better be sure to bring  your own small drum or percussion instrument otherwise you’ll loose out on some fun.

5. Drum circle by 1Drum.org

Join in drumming with the rest of the crowd just before the main acts in the evening. It was so much fun last year.  I expect it’s going to be equally fun.

Photo of the Drum circle in action last year. 

So there you go.  My picks on the workshops. A bit biased on the percussion side of it.  So what is yours?  Have a look at the festival guide here.

See you at the festival!

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