Art Street Kuching -Connections

A review of Art Street Kuching 2018 which features two components the Ruang Seni and Street Theatre.

Both of which is happening in Kuching and is an event under the umbrella of What About Kuching 2018.

It was an event which I had eyed upon since What About Kuching 2018 released their calendar of events.

Where is it?

Art Street Kuching is at Upper China Street. It’s a street that connects to the glamouros Carpenter Street.

The theme of Art Street is Connections.

Street Theatre

The organisers had closed Upper China Street as to make way for the Street theatre.

Upper China Street

I was informed that the street theatre starts at 7pm in the evening and it features a dance and drama piece. As I had other plans that evening I decided to skip it.

I would probably try and attend the next scheduled act on October 27, 2018.

I was rather disappointed though as I was unable to get more details on the show. Maybe a simple blackboard with details at the entrance of Indah Cafe.

Entrance to Indah Cafe

Ruang Seni Exhibition

Ruang Seni is on the upper floor of Indah Cafe. This upper floor is also known as Indah House.

Ruang Seni features a short film viewing session. Unfortunately for me it wasn’t showtime yet.

Short film viewing area

So I explored further the small yet cosy exhibit area. Just a slight turn of head, I spotted a lovely miniature house models on display.

Backdrop of mountains is painted on natural straw mat

A very good effort by the creator to depict what it is like to be in the interiors of Sarawak. Well done.

The next thing that popped out in the exhibit area was an oil painting of a laughing lady.

Tetak (laughter) by Norma Saini

That was a light moment for me, as looking at the painting also made me smile. Brilliantly done by Norma Saini.

The caption that accompanied the painting also made me laugh.

Next I turned to the mini photo exhibit.

Batek Families Photo Series

At first I thought it was misspelt, I made an assumption that it was the Batak tribe of Indonesia. Clearly not the case.

This photo series is done by Chloe Yiin and features the Batek Tribe of Peninsular Malaysia.

A quick research on Wikipedia revealed that apparently they are also known as the orang asli.

Here Chloe’s photo gives us an insight on the lives of Two families of the Batek tribe.

Taking a closer look at Chloe’s photos

It is interesting to read the captions. The Batek people mainly are semi nomadic people.

Some still live in makeshift huts and hunt using blowpipes.

Then I saw connection. So very similar to the penans of Sarawak, whom also live in makeshift huts and hunt using blowpipes.

This in view was the best part of the mini exhibition. Probably I am biased due to the fact that I like learning about other people’s culture.

To conclude, I would recommend visiting this Ruang Seni exhibition. Eventhough small in nature but very meaning full.

If the art exhibit is small then no worries. Head back down to Indah Cafe. Plenty of art displays there.

Indah Cafe, an art cafe

Further information

Ruang Seni runs from 21st October till 28th October from 9am to 5pm

Street Theatre next show will be on 27th October 2018 from 7pm to 9pm.

Thank you for reading and thanks again to Sarawak Bloggers for the lead on this lovely exhibition.

If you need extra details, drop me a line and I’ll get back to you soon as possible.

Would be glad to share more information.

Till my next Bejalai, take care.

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