Latak Waterfall – Miri


This is a quick guide to Latak Waterfall in Lambir Hills National Park in Miri, Sarawak.

Latak waterfall is the nearest waterfall from Miri and is a popular day trip destination for locals and tourists.  On hot warm weekends, a dip in Latak Waterfall provides a much needed relief from the hot weather.

About Lambir Hills National Park.

Lambir Hills National Park is One of Sarawak’s smallest national park.

With its picturesque waterfalls, good bird watching and impressive tall trees, the park is popular with tourists, especially at weekends when more people from Miri travel there for a day visit.

Trails in Lambir Hills National Park

There are several trails for tourists to explore. These range from short and fairly flat walks to the long and sometimes steep trek to the summit of Bukit Lambir, the tallest point in the park.

Treks and their distance from park entrance.

The favourite trail is to Latak Waterfall. This is just a 1 kilometre walk from the park entrance. The trek to Latak Waterfall is easy. The trail follows a gently sloping path shaded by tree canopy.

It is on average flat and involves only a bit of climbing. Trekking at a slow pace and all the photo taking, the 1 kilometre trek would take you about 40 minutes.

Along the way to Latak Waterfall

Take your sweet time trekking to Latak Waterfall. Take time to take photos. Here are some photos of some of the lovely sights.

Tall Trees

Like most jungle based national parks in Sarawak, expect to see plenty of tall trees.

Most of Lambir Hills National Park forest is the Mixed Dipterocarp forest. This forest type has very tall, big and straight trees. Most big trees can reach to about 55 m tall.

Hanging bridges

The other element that adds a sense of adventure to the trail is that you will cross some bridges. The best one in my opinion is the hanging bridge. The slight swaying of the bridge is a fun experience.

Flora and Fauna

Like in most jungle in Borneo, one can get carried away admiring the big trees. My advice is, take time to look at the forest floor. plenty of smaller things to admire.


Slowly at it’s own pace. 


Waterfall no 2 as indicated in the trail guide. 

This is the main star attraction of Lambir Hills National Park, the waterfalls.

There are two very pretty small waterfalls along the way, but the main attraction is at the end of the trail. A large forest pool is surrounded on three sides by steep rock walls, and  the Latak waterfall, falls 25 metres down a sheer drop into the far end of the pool.

The pool area features changing rooms, toilets and picnic areas, and is safe for swimming, but non-swimmers and small children should take care, as it is deep in parts.

Travel Information

Getting There

There are public buses that pass Lambir Hills National Park. A quick check on the ride hailing app, from Miri to Lambir Hills would cost RM 30.00 (USD 7.50)

Things to wear and bring

  1. Good comfortable trekking shoes
  2. Lightweight raincoat just in case it rains
  3. Drinking water
  4. Change of clothes
  5. Insect repellent

Best time to travel

Best time to travel would be from March till about early November. Monsoon season or the rainy season is from mid November till late February.

Entrance Fees and Operating Hours

The following are entrance fees to Lambir Hills National Park


Operating Hours

Park opens all year round. Visitors are advised to leave the forest by 4 pm.


The pool area features changing rooms, toilets and picnic areas. However, the park needs to have better signage to indicate the location of these facilities.


There are some chalets available for those who wish to overnight in Lambir Hills National Park.


Lambir Hills National Park : +6085 471 609 or +6085 471 471

Be sure to call the park first just to make sure there are no closure to the trail due to flooding and fallen trees. 


Thank you for reading and if you want extra details, drop me a line and I’ll get back to you soon as possible.

Till my next Bejalai, take care.

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