Umgawa Zipline Eco Adventure – Langkawi

This is a short review of Umgawa Zipline Eco Adventure on the lovely Island of Langkawi, Malaysia.

For those seeking some adrenaline rush, this is a perfect half day tour to try out. Probably better than to just laze around the beaches of Langkawi, unless that is what one chooses to do so.

Rekindling old love for the zipline

The first job I had after college was at an outdoor activity centre in Damai, about 35 kilometres north of Kuching.

The centre had some rope courses and that’s where my love for the zipline started. Back then it was called the flying fox.

So when I got to know about Umgawa and their two hundred metre zipline in 2016, I knew I would not pass up the chance to give it ago when I visit Langkawi.

Sure enough, I was in Langkawi for a travel exhibition in September 2018 and I had more than half a day to kill before flying back and I had little effort in convincing my colleague to join me and try Umgawa Zipline Eco Adventure.

So we booked and paid for the best package, The Big Waterfall Adventure, which features the full twelve zipline experience. I had heard and seen videos of the longest zipline they had. It is the 200 metre zipline that soars past one of Langkawi’s signature attractions, the seven wells waterfall. Definitely not to be missed.

Package Board. Prices include insurance coverage.

Getting there

Umgawa Zipline Eco Adventure is located at the Seven Wells Waterfall, Jalan Telaga Tujuh. We were staying at Chenang Beach and it took us about thirty minutes to reach there. Google Maps click here

We used the ride hailing app and the trip up cost RM 26.00 ringgit and the trip back was only RM 15.00. Probably it was morning high traffic which made slightly more expensive going up.

Registration Centre

We were greeted with a nice refreshing lemongrass infused drink at the registration counter and after a quick introduction and signing our indemnity forms, the Sky Rangers helped us with our body harness.


Sky Rangers making sure the harness on me and @dellalupi are secure

Then it was off to the demonstration station for a quick explanation on the basic do’s and don’ts on the zipline. If you don’t understand the use of the equipment, there is no need to worry because the Sky Rangers will assist throughout the whole zipline adventure.


Adi (right) and Farhan (left) briefing us on the equipment and also a quick demo.

The Adventure

A quick ride from the centre behind a 4 x 4 wheel drive and up a few flight of stairs we were already at our first zipline.


Be sure to do a bit of muscle stretching before climbing these stairs.


The first few ziplines were short. I believe this was to give you a warm up on the feel and use of equipment. A few more ziplines later, you will arrive at their first signature zipline called the Longtime.

As you zip across, you would get a spectacular view of the seven wells waterfalls. From the launching platform too, you get a nice view of Langkawi Sky Cab in the background.


It also seems like a perfect introduction, perfect preparation for the adrenaline rush you would experience on this first of the two longest ziplines.

The other fun part of this Big Waterfall Adventure are the three sky bridges that you get to cross. It is indeed a different feel compared to zipping across to the next tree.

At some points you would find yourself at some points 30 metres high above the ground. If it was not for the safety equipment, I am not sure if I would have the courage to cross such heights.


30 metres above the ground, with the seven wells waterfall in the background. Lovely

As we reached the last zipline and descended back to the forest floor using an automatic belay, I felt slightly disappointed. It did not feel like twelve ziplines.

You probably would feel the same too. So much fun and thrilling that in the end, you would be left wanting for more.

Overall Experience

On a concluding note, this was really a lovely experience. Even though it rained slightly, I figured it added more thrill to the zipline adventure. I really loved it and I would do it all over again. That is for sure.

The trained instructors, Adi, Ismail and Farhan were professional and they were very friendly too. Farhan being the last on each course acting as sweeper, gave plenty of information about the flora and fauna of Matchinchang Cambrian GeoForest Park. Good job to them.

Two thumbs up. Fantastic.

Umgawa Course

I would do this again for sure. Loving it

Things to pack

  1. Strap on sandals or outdoor shoes
  2. Drinking water
  3. Dry bag just in case it rains
  4. Smartphone for photos and if you have an action cam.
  5. Small towel and change of clothes in case it rains

Contact Information



7 Wells Waterfall – Jalan Telaga Tujuh, 07100 Langkawi, Malaysia

Phone: +604 950 2828 Umgawa website click here

Thank you for reading and if you want extra details, drop me a line and I’ll get back to you soon as possible.

Till my next Bejalai, take care.

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